“There is beauty everywhere; you just have to look at it with the right eye. People often ask me what equipment do you use that you take such good pictures, I always say – My Eyes.”Neerav Adam Verma, a highly celebrated name in the world of fashion photography, and a very well known name and face in Hollywood is the face behind the lens for NV Photography. Having worked with a wide range of artists and brands including famous actors, beauty queens, models, singers, DJs, theatre, movies and more, Neerav is a commercially acclaimed name associated with the top brands and agencies of the world. Residing in India presently, Neerav is upbeat about his latest, extremely exciting projects and also about establishing his branches in Mumbai and Delhi.Being fascinated with photography since his teen years, and blessed with an eye to spot a picturesque composition in the simplest of places, and a passion for composing good pictures, Neerav put his talent to practice early on in life. His knack for capturing and presenting the beauty, in the oddest of places sometimes, has ended up producing awe-inspiring pictures.A zealous entrepreneur, Neerav, keeps a tab on all the proceedings throughout the shoot. No detail, no matter how small, ever escapes his keen observation. Neerav, often lightheartedly, attributes his success with the camera to his short stint as a model. He learnt the tricks of the trade and understood, with better clarity, the nuances of the field during his modeling days. He strongly believes that the most important factor responsible for a good result with the camera is effective communication with the model and not losing the moment of a perfect shot. What makes a photograph good, after all, is the moment it captures. Neerav prefers to have a slightly technically flawed picture of a correct moment rather than missing that moment for technical correctness. Neerav deftly captures each and every moment of perfection, no matter how fleeting it is.Neerav excels in creative and fashion photography. In every shoot, he tries to do something creative and different and conceptualizes individual and unique ideas for every shoot. He believes that there is no point being a photographer if you stop trying and creating different things.His innovative and elegant style has gained a lot of attention over the years. He believes in simplicity and refrains from adding too many props in his pictures, lest they take the focus away from the main subject. Reinventing photography in his own way, Neerav lends his fresh and untarnished approach to all of his pictures to make them stand out as a remarkable piece of art.

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